Sunday, April 05, 2020

Face masks

I decided I would experiment with some patterns for making face masks for going out in public.  I went on line to see what I could find for instructions.  I found this pattern at USA Today which is very similar to many I have seen on line with very clear and reasonable instructions so I decided to go ahead with this one.  For my first one I used a very soft tight weave fabric from a man's shirt and added a layer of flannel inside instead of the fusible interfacing which I do not have on hand.  I also made ties because there was no 1/4" elastic in my stash.  I found this other tutorial  on the Joann Fabric website which can be downloaded as a PDF which explains how to make ties.  I simply made the ties and substituted them into the original instructions.  I found that with flannel inside it made the sewing of the pleats on the sides quite thick.  I made the ties on the this one 18" and they are ample.  

For my next attempt, I decided to use quilting cotton and a single layer of white cotton for the inside layer.  I dug through my crafting supplies and found twill tape which was way quicker than making ties.  I used 14" for these ties which is enough for tying the mask into place over your ears and below your chin to the back of your head.  Very adjustable!!  It was easier to stitch the pleats on this one as well.  In the end, any protection is better than none.  I will be sending this one to my Mom this week along with instructions. She is a very experienced sewer and may be inspired to make some for the others in her building who might need them.