Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Cards for baby

It is fun to create baby cards!!  I made this set of cards for a couple who are expecting a baby girl any time now.  As new parents they will have all sorts of things to take care of so I thought a few cards would be good for them to have on hand.
I used white cardstock (8.5" x 3.5") for the base of the cards and added pieces of pink embossed cardstock to complete the fronts to fit in #8 envelopes.  I added a border punched strip that I sponged a bit on each edge and then added some double sided ribbon - white and pink. I tied a short length to the main piece to simulate a bow.  I layered the embellishment right over where the white and pink cardstock are joined.
I used a watercoloured canvas to create a little envelope for the cards.  A fitting presentation!!


Baby card

Baby cards!!  Made this card up from a kit and it is perfect for a bright and sassy baby card!!  You can see a few more from this sketch here.
The strips of paper are simply woven and glued to the embossed card front as a unit.  The cute little horse image is from Beccy's Place.  It is watercoloured and mounted to a coordinating scallop circle (Nesties) which I embellished with dots using a white gel pen and mounted to the card front using 3D foam tape.  The little greeting was a tag I created using the SU eyelet border punch but the square end seemed out of place so I simply punched the other end as well which created more balance!!


Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Fiber and charms!

 Today, we made charms for our journals!!  In the photo you can see the progression of how they were created.  We started with a chipboard tag die cut (SZ)  to which we glued bits - screening and punchies.  Next we covered both sides with sticky backed duct tape and used a pencil to impress the edges thereby getting the front and back sticky tape to be well adhered to each other.  Next we trimmed the top and bottom with scissors and continued to use the pencil to reveal the texture of our elements and to add yet more texture to any other areas we thought needed a bit more.  Then, we did the other side.  Then we added black permanent marker over both sides and rubbed off as much as we wanted which leaves some black in the grooves and provides definition in our design.  Today, I also provided colour Sharpie markers so the students could colour in some of the elements and/or backgrounds of their tags.  We used cotton cording to tie our charms to the front of our journals.  These were fun to make and look so real!!
Here is my other journal with its little heart tag!!  I also added some fibers to the binding to make it more funky!!  With our embellishing done it was time to write in our journals!!  Some were keeping their journals as a gift so they did not write in theirs.

We will be making cards with our embossed paper in our next session!!


Journals - assembled and bound!

We have assembled and bound our journals.  Because we missed a
day due to another event we were very focused on Friday so we could get our journals assembled and bound.
To assemble we arranged our pages in order - front cover, January divider, both January journal pages, February divider, February pages, etc.  We added our envelope between December pages and the back cover.  Then, it was time to add our binding so we carefully arranged all the pages, dividers and covers so the die cut holes in the tops would align and we then inserted the Ceralox binding by putting each tang into the appropriate hole.  As more of the tangs were in place the pieces started holding themselves in place and it was easier to finish the process of inserting all the tangs.
Here you can see one of the dividers in the peak of the journal.

Here is the journal (different journal) opened to the first page.  There are instructions for using the journal on the inside cover and a large letter marker for the month of January.

January 1st!!  Because this journal works like a perpetual calendar we will be able to start our journalling on the day we choose because there is no year or day of the week information - only the date!
There are two double sided pages for each month which worked our perfectly for getting all the dates on for every month.  There is room for the longest months that have 31 days and that leaves a few empty spaces for those months that have fewer days like February.  There are four lines for each date which will allow a person to use this journal for four years.  You write "one line a day" starting with the year.

I flipped a couple of pages and you can see the end of January with the February month divider page.  And so it goes for each month!!

We will likely be writing in our journals at our next session but it still needs a bit of embellishment!!


Covers are done!!

 We added our metal embellishments to our covers!!

Using glue, we adhered our embellishments to our front covers.  This provided us a way to keep it in place while we added four brads to provide a mechanical attachment for the embellishment which will be valuable in keeping the journal cover intact as it gets used over the next several years.

Here you can see a close up of the texture on the metal embellishment.  It was super fun to create!  If you would like more information on how we created them follow this link to find out!!


Journal - monthly dividers

Our journals are coming along.  Last week we pasted our decorative paper to our monthly dividers.
The dividers are black cardstock - 8.5" x 5.5" and they give such vibrancy to the decorative papers.  They look very much like the art that they are!!
I have already die cut the dividers for binding and all the pages are ready to go as well.