Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Fiber and charms!

 Today, we made charms for our journals!!  In the photo you can see the progression of how they were created.  We started with a chipboard tag die cut (SZ)  to which we glued bits - screening and punchies.  Next we covered both sides with sticky backed duct tape and used a pencil to impress the edges thereby getting the front and back sticky tape to be well adhered to each other.  Next we trimmed the top and bottom with scissors and continued to use the pencil to reveal the texture of our elements and to add yet more texture to any other areas we thought needed a bit more.  Then, we did the other side.  Then we added black permanent marker over both sides and rubbed off as much as we wanted which leaves some black in the grooves and provides definition in our design.  Today, I also provided colour Sharpie markers so the students could colour in some of the elements and/or backgrounds of their tags.  We used cotton cording to tie our charms to the front of our journals.  These were fun to make and look so real!!
Here is my other journal with its little heart tag!!  I also added some fibers to the binding to make it more funky!!  With our embellishing done it was time to write in our journals!!  Some were keeping their journals as a gift so they did not write in theirs.

We will be making cards with our embossed paper in our next session!!


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