Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Journals - assembled and bound!

We have assembled and bound our journals.  Because we missed a
day due to another event we were very focused on Friday so we could get our journals assembled and bound.
To assemble we arranged our pages in order - front cover, January divider, both January journal pages, February divider, February pages, etc.  We added our envelope between December pages and the back cover.  Then, it was time to add our binding so we carefully arranged all the pages, dividers and covers so the die cut holes in the tops would align and we then inserted the Ceralox binding by putting each tang into the appropriate hole.  As more of the tangs were in place the pieces started holding themselves in place and it was easier to finish the process of inserting all the tangs.
Here you can see one of the dividers in the peak of the journal.

Here is the journal (different journal) opened to the first page.  There are instructions for using the journal on the inside cover and a large letter marker for the month of January.

January 1st!!  Because this journal works like a perpetual calendar we will be able to start our journalling on the day we choose because there is no year or day of the week information - only the date!
There are two double sided pages for each month which worked our perfectly for getting all the dates on for every month.  There is room for the longest months that have 31 days and that leaves a few empty spaces for those months that have fewer days like February.  There are four lines for each date which will allow a person to use this journal for four years.  You write "one line a day" starting with the year.

I flipped a couple of pages and you can see the end of January with the February month divider page.  And so it goes for each month!!

We will likely be writing in our journals at our next session but it still needs a bit of embellishment!!


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