Thursday, August 17, 2017

Kids Birthday cards featuring stripes

For both of these cards I used striped decorative paper on blue cards along with two digital images from Best Clipart.  I watercoloured the images to coordinate with the background and added ribbon/fiber accents.
For the left hand card, I stitched blue gros grain ribbon to a piece of wider yellow gros grain incorporating a short piece of fiber in the process.  After adhering the ribbon and paper to my card front I added a short piece of light blue ribbon over the fiber and tied a single knot to secure the both of them .  I adhered the layered focal element to the left of the tied ribbon.  On the right hand card, I used the same fiber cutting three lengths.  I overlaid them and stitched them together near the top to created the loops.  I adhered this element to my decorated card front and adhered the watercoloured and layered focal element over it.  I like the rainbow colours in the fiber!!   Therese