Saturday, February 01, 2014

Digital art for my home

My DH made this beautiful room divider for me years ago and I am finally getting family photos into it.  The spaces are 11 3/4" square so they are easily accommodated by 12x12 decorative paper and I was fortunate enough to find a pad of paper in my stash that would go with the colour scheme in the living room.  It always amazes me when that happens - I feel called to buy something but I am not sure why and then months (sometimes years) later it is the perfect supply for a project.  I went looking on line for a "We are family" layout and found one that I liked but the resolution was too low to allow me to print it 8.5"x 8.5" without a lot of jaggy edges so I decided to recreate it.  I used the original as reference and created the label outline, added a dotted line just inside that one and then added a coloured radial fill using Corel Draw.  The benefit of making my own was that I could use colours  that matched my paper exactly!!   I then used fonts to create my words in the sizes that fit the label frame I had created.
I printed it in colour, trimmed it close using scissors and adhered it to my decorative paper!!  One of the twelve openings filled!!  Each opening has magnetic holders so it is really easy to make changes.
Here is a photo of the room divider.  I filled all the openings with paper.  I have added photos of my parents, my inlaws as well as each of my daughter's with their families.  I will need to a get a good photo of my son to add there as well.  I think family photos with our siblings and one of me and my twin will go in next.  Not sure what will go in the others but it is a work in progress and I will figure it out as I go along.