Thursday, September 23, 2010

Domino Book

I created this cool little domino book for a swap on one of my groups. I am very happy with the way it worked out!!!
I created the 5 pages using a crescent tag die. I cut a tag from chipboard, put it back on the die with the square end on the crescent end and cut it again. A chipboard shape with two crescent ends!! I glued black handmade paper to the back and the front of both covers, trimmed & coloured the edges and punched the holes. I embellished two black wooden dominoes using gold mica powder

and spray lacquered them with gloss finish. Using Goop, I glued them to each other side by side, glued that combination to the front cover and glued E Beads in red and gold on each side. Did exactly the same to the back cover. Bound my book with red quarter inch ribbon and a handmade paper bead. Added lock and key charms to the binding and a tie to keep my book closed.
I glued red paper to both sides of my inside pages, embellished them with black script and edged them in gray Memories ink.

Laid out my words and text, colour printed and trimmed them to fit my pages. I die cut "U", "R" and a circle with a hole in the shape of a heart from black cardstock and backed them with gold foil paper. Glued them on the back of my pages, in the center. So reading this book from the front and from the back it says - you are love!! How cool is that!! Added the title on the inside front cover and my swap info the inside back cover with white gel pen .

It was so fun to create this little book!! I love creatively working out the size, the content, the embellishments, the binding and making it all work together.

Will be sending it on its way tomorrow!!


Dyed tissue paper!

One of the instructions I had read suggested that the silk could be dried by pressing between sheets of white tissue paper!! Too easy! I dug into my tissue paper box - mostly tissue paper that has already been used several times to wrap gifts - and dug out a few white sheets. I covered my ironing board with a towel to protect it, laid down several sheets of tissue paper before laying over it my wet piece of silk. Covered that with several sheets of tissue and ironed on low heat. Kept moving the tissue paper around so it would not get too wet and here is what I ended up with - about 8-9 sheets of dyed tissue paper that looks really cool and interesting!!! Not sure what I will be doing with them but did read on line this morning, on a blog, a tutorial for making paper fabric that used tissue paper. This tissue would make very interesting paper fabric. Will have to revisit the site and familiarize myself with the instructions and the supplies needed!! A total bonus - very inexpensive art supplies!!


Dyed silk

I played all morning at dyeing silk. One of my stamping friends taught our group to make silk scarves a few years ago and we all left with a few small pieces of dyed silk, a beautiful scarf, leftover supplies from our class and aspirations that we would be making our own at home. Finding several white silk scarves at a thrift store a few months ago piqued my interest in digging out those paints and being creative with them. I searched on line and read several tutorials then reread the first part of our class instructions and got started. Needless to say when the first piece was not properly dyed I went back to the instructions and redid it. For best results, it is important to read the instructions and follow them carefully. Better the second time round and then I was off to the races. I ended up with 9 large pieces of dyed silk in a large variety of colours!! I am loving them!! They are all so interesting and gorgeous!! I will be scanning them all, in pieces, to use in creating digital art. I am not sure exactly what I will be doing with the silk. Maybe fabric ATC s, mini quilts, book covers and some of it will end up in cards for sure!!

If you have a project or technique you have been wanting to try - make a date with yourself and get started!!