Monday, May 02, 2011

Hat pins for a swap!

Hat pins!! Made these for a swap on AFTCM!! It was very fun and easy!! Very tempting to make LOTS of them.
I used corsage pins and added a handmade flower and some beads, some ribbon and beads and the first one in the photo is my ode to steampunk - bits of things wired together and industrial looking accents instead of beads below! Take a close look and you will
recognize earring backs used a decoration on this hat pin!
Here is a close up!! I used very glittery fiber to create this flower shape which is hand sewn from a 2" length using clear thread. I used "Goop" as a clear adhesive to keep the flower and beads near the top of the pin.
Totally fun to use supplies in a new and creative way!!

If you are using pins on your creations please plan to provide some protection from injury for the recipient by covering up the sharp point of the pin. Depending on the creation, you could use an earring back, a small piece of foam or a glue dot to keep the sharp point secure. You could also consider dulling the point some with sand paper to reduce the risk of injury!!

Challenge yourself to something new today!! What have you never created before?
Today is the day!!