Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Embossed metal frame

I created this metallic frame for a friend who is relocating - it will be a good place to put a photo of her artsy friends!!
I started with a square wood frame and glued textured items to it - die cut chipboard letters, corrugated cardboard flowers, twine swirls, mesh tape and punchies.  I used double sided tape to attach all the elements except the mesh tape with is self adhesive.  Next, I covered all the front and the inside and outside edges with metal foil tape.  Yes, the kind you buy at the hardware store!!  I simply cut it into pieces and just started layering it on. Check out the photo below which I took as I was in the process of applying tape.   As you can see it doesn't matter what your pieces look like because they will all be covered and you will only see their shape and texture.
Once it was all covered I used a stylus to burnish around all the elements which added definition to the metal. I trimmed the metal tape to the back edge of the frame with an exacto knife and burnished the inside and outside edges with a wooden popsicle stick.  Once everything was burnished to my satisfaction I added yet more texture by scribing swirls, squiggly lines and dots along some of the tape edges.  Then, it was time to cover it all with black acrylic paint.  I wiped some of it off to reveal the texture I had created in the tape.  On hind sight, I might have left on more black to create a bit more contrast but I am happy with how it looks. I lightly sanded the letters to make sure they stood out and added a bit of silver and gold Perfect Pearls in a few areas.  I painted the back with black acrylic paint as well and sealed it front and back with a clear spray sealer so nothing would rub off.
Here are a few tutorials I used for inspiration:
I can see using this technique to make decorative paper for masculine cards and other projects where you want a bit of an industrial look!!