Saturday, March 14, 2015

RAK Challenge!!!

 I signed up for a RAK challenge while I was away on vacation.  I had only brought a limited amount of crafty supplies with me and they were mostly for my quilties so I had to get creative!!  I found this playing card on the sidewalk when we were out walking one day and thought it was worth keeping.  The ribbon was found on a different walk a couple days after Valentines.  Determined to make something with what I had on hand I decided to embellish my card with ink and embroidery!  I punched all the holes with my needle following the lines in the design on the front of the card before I started.  This gave me the guidelines I needed to add the doodling I did on the back.  I cut pieces of heart ribbon to incorporate as on the front as I did my stitching.  It was fun to work with limited supplies and I am happy with the final result.  
I also added four little embroidered flower designs to the envelope which she can incorporate in her art. They can be stitched in place or easily adhered with any of the products created for fusing fabric.