Thursday, March 31, 2011

St. Patrick's card

Imagine having your birthday on St. Patrick's Day!! I saw a cloverleaf made with hearts on Splitcoast Stampers at the beginning of March and later discovered one of the girls on one of my groups has a March 17 birthday so I decided to make her a card. Needless to say, it will be late because I only got to it this week!! Handmade cards are always a nice surprise in our mail boxes!!
I die cut the hearts (CB), scored them down the middle and glued them to a white layer. I cut a stem and glued it in place. Several layers, a bit of bling and a layered greeting!! Quick and easy!!
Click on the image to see that I used a tracing wheel - a very well loved one - to add texture to the card front and around the edges of the white layers!! Totally fun!! Well used ones can only be purchased at a thrift store or garage sale but are well worth buying if you find one!! They do not pierce the cardstock, instead they just deboss it so you can easily make all sorts of gorgeous curvy lines in a hurry!! I do have a new one as well which I am sure will pierce cardstock which would add a totally different look!!
Thrifty Tip - I coloured my bling with Sharpie markers!! I usually buy clear rhinestones so I can make them any colour I need to coordinate with my project using my markers!! You could use alcohol inks as well - just apply with qtip!!
Have fun!!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beeswax - Bloom, Just, Peace

After a bit more research on the internet and watching a few videos I have made a few more beeswax collages. In this one, I used design elements I had left over from this project. I started with a coaster which I discovered is very absorbent - it would have been better for me to glue the light blue background to the coaster and then add my elements with beeswax but with enough wax all the elements are now firmly attached to the coaster. I drew the stems on the background paper with a green marker, used layered punchies for the flowers and added some die cut butterflies. The fence die cut was attached with wax and the words were laid over it. I coloured my letters with pencil crayon, outlined them in black Sharpie and cut them out before adding them to my collage. All the elements were dipped in the beeswax using my new tweezers, laid on the collage and burnished with an old gift card (any piece of hard plastic would do) to ensure that the elements are well attached. I started with the fence and words, added the letters and flowers in layers and finally added the butterflies. I did add some wax with a brush over some areas to make sure that all the elements had enough wax to keep them in place and used my heat gun to settle all elements into place. The elements do float when you heat the collage so sometimes it is tricky getting everything to stay in place.
Once I was finished collaging I buffed the wax and added some mica poweder (Pearl Ex - interference blue) to the edges and a bit on the flowers and butterflies.
For this one, I glued the stamped background paper to the coaster before I started and that worked well. I used die cuts, punchies and some laser printed words I had in my basket of scrap goodies to work up this collage.
In the final stage where I was adding wax and making sure all the elements were secure, I added a puddle of wax on the left hand side and pressed one of my embossing folders into it. I left it in place until the wax harden - a trip to the freezer encourages the process. Love the look of it!! Very dimensional! You could press a rubber stamp in the wax as well to get a nice impression.
I added mica powder to the edges of this one as well in a gold interference colour as well as regular gold to highlight the embossed wax area!! Very cool!!
For this collage, I used ripped pieces of book pages and music sheets to create an all over collage look on the coaster by dipping the pieces, laying them down and burnishing with the gift card. The elements I gathered from my collage bucket - newspaper stamped with acrylic paint using an embossing folder, laser printed "Peace on Earth", die cut and punchie hearts, punchie "R" and the other words were cut from stamped newspaper.
It was difficult to get the foil heart to stay embedded in the wax. I expect because it does not absorb wax so maybe it should have been added last with a dab of wax. I used silver mica powder on the edges, in a few places on the collage and to especially highlight the texture on the bottom edge.
I have really enjoyed doing these collages. For anyone trying it for the first time I would recommend starting small - ATC size would be great, prepare all your elements and build from the bottom up. Tweezers are great for dipping the small pieces and keeping "floaters" in place. Don't be in hurry - take your time and add items in one at a time. Use your heat gun carefully and not too close - if you have a one with variable speed and temperature, use a slow speed and medium - low temperature.
I will finish these off with hangers and enter them in the Art Lottery on AFTCM!!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Glass" beads

I made these beads!!!
While surfing Craft Gossip this morning I found this post about making beads from soda bottles and thought they looked very interesting so I checked the recycle bin for supplies - NONE!!!!!!!! All the plastic went out last week!! So, on my way home from my walk this I was on the look out and found three empty bottles which I promptly washed and disinfected so I could play!!
These are so cool!! They look so much like they are made of glass. I made all these beads from one center section of a medium plastic bottle. The ones I found had #1 in the triangle on the bottom. I cut the flat mid section into strips about 3/4" x 4", coloured them
with permanent Sharpie markers, rolled the strips around a pair of long needle nose pliers, tied them off with wire and used my heat gun on medium to heat the plastic to form a bead. The plastic shrinks and becomes thicker and in the process forms a bead. After this little bit of experimenting, I prefer to roll the bead so the inside of the bottle is on the outside of the bead. I applied colour to one side, the other side and both sides - they all look good. If you use a lot heat, the plastic will bubble and create a completely different looking bead - check out the top left light green bead in the first photo.
I expect that some of these cool beads are going to end up on a mixed media charm bracelet!! Starting to collect a few interesting charms that will look wonderful together!!
Thrifty Tip: Make cool beads using what is in your recycle bin!! If you don`t have Sharpies - any alcohol based markers will do like Copics. You could also use alcohol inks, liquid acrylic inks or acrylic paints though I would apply them to the side that will be inside the bead to leave the outside shiny and clear.
These would be great on book bindings, make great charms for a bracelet, or be very cool beads for making jewelry. You can customize the colours to your project or outfit!!
Have fun!! Leave me a comment and a link if you make some beads!!


Thank you cards

I had a Stampin UP party a week ago and I am expecting the goodies we ordered to show up this week so I made thank you cards for all those who came and participated in the fun afternoon and for those who placed orders, as well.
The decorative paper is my own creation - a mix of acrylic, fabric and glitter paint. I layered the decorative paper over white cardstock that had been laser printed with the greeting.
I added a bit of ribbon which I tucked behind on the left and overlapped with a 3" embossed scallop (Nestibilities) on the right. I added a die cut butterfly (Sizzix) over the scallop which has been embellished with stamping and an iridescent finish - nail polish!! It was the perfect blue/green colour and gave the butterflies just enough bling without being overwhelming. I layered this accent on the card front which is just 4.75 wide. These will be accompanied by #8 (6 3/4) envelopes.
I have taken a closeup of the butterfly to let you see the details and hopefully some of the shimmer!!
Thrifty Tip: Consider using nail polish when you are looking for a durable finish on accents! It comes in a million colours, can be purchased inexpensively and stays wet long enough to add glitter or other embellishments and and in some cases can be somewhat translucent which allows a lower layer to show through. In this case - the stamping was done first and the finish applied afterwards . When you paint it onto an absorbent surface like the cardstock I used here it will be less glossy but a couple of coats fixes that.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Christmas Cards - monochromatic challenge

Christmas cards!! I have started on Christmas cards so I will have the amount I need in November!! I started in January last year but for some reason I have had a slow start this year but I am planning on catching up!! I created these for Sylvia's Christmas Card Challenge for March - Monochromatic!!
I started with the ribbon, found cardstock to coordinate and auditioned my stamps to see what would work. I had originally wanted to use the stand of trees from the Lovely as a Tree (SU) set but it was a bit too long to work well. I am happy with the fir tree. I stamped it in white pigment ink and embossed it with a mixture of white embossing powder and Iridescent Ice (SU). Added a little greeting and embossed it the same way. I layered this element onto a white layer with distressed edges.
I added the ribbon, a green punchie with a small white snowflake sequin and attached it with a tiny white brad. I embossed the background green layer using the Swiss Dots embossing folder (CB), ran my white pigment pad gently over the bumps and embossed them with the same mixture of embossing powders. Added a couple of pieces of ribbon and mounted it to a white card front. The image layer is attached to the card front using 3D foam tape to raise it from the surface for a bit of dimension. I made six of these cards!! I do plan on adding inserts and envelopes yet before I store these away because that will finish them off completely and they will only require addresses, postage and a newsletter to be on their way!! I had not prepared inserts last year for most of the cards I made and it just took more time to get them out the door!!
Have you started your Christmas cards?? I highly recommend doing them monthly!! There are so many benefits including spending a bit more time to make them special, having a variety of designs and they are ready to go when you are ready to send them!! I have several Christmas card challenge blogs listed at the top of "Places I like to visit" on the right hand sidebar. Go check them out and see if you can get inspired to start your Christmas cards early this year!!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beeswax collage - Home

Another technique I have been wanting to try for a while - a long while. Today was the day!
I used half of a game board (6"x9") as my substrate. For beeswax, I melted sheets of beeswax normally used to make rolled candles. For melting, I used a small crock pot in which I placed a small metal can (salmon). It took about a 1/2 hour to heat everything up but it worked perfectly. I used a utility natural bristled brush for applying the wax.
A few photos of the steps I went through while working on my collage.
#1 - The substrate - The game pieces have long been incorporated into collage bins and the boards have been just sitting so I decided to use one of them. I cut it in half and sanded the design off the paper of the playing surface so I would not have it showing through my collage and to keep the back of the board - a nice pebbly black surface - as the back of my collage.
#2 - I laser printed my collage images - vintage world map, neighborhood of houses, a large house and a woman standing - and trimmed them close. I downloaded the images from this Flicker Collage collection. The link is also on my sidebar under Online Resources - Collage Images. I referred to this video by Suze Weinberg to get started. All of my pieces were large so I applied beeswax to my substrate, laid my images down and used my heat gun to apply heat which melted the wax and incorporated the images into it. I added wax with the brush when needed. It is best to have something that helps spread the wax evenly over the surface. I used a crumpled piece of wax paper which worked reasonably well but was not ideal. I will try a skewer next time, using the pointy end for the fine work and laying it over to work the large areas.
#3 - I have collaged all the large images and have temporarily placed the red foil heart and the lace at the bottom.
#4 - All the words have been incorporated. The words were handwritten - black sharpie or white gel pen - on white tissue paper, dipped into the wax and positioned. It was more difficult than I thought to keep them straight and positioned correctly because as soon as I applied heat they were prone to moving around in the melted wax. It might have been more practical to use printed words from books or even laser printed ones.
Here is the finished collage. To attach the lace I applied wax to the bottom section with the brush, dipped the end of the lace in the wax and put it down on one edge and proceeded to position the rest of it by heating small sections and laying it down. I added some small hydrangea flowers to the collage which required more wax than I expected to keep them in place. I punched some holes in the top corners with my Cropadile and inserted and set large eyelets. Tied in a black ribbon to create a hanger.
I am pretty happy with my collage and look forward to trying it again with other materials - magazine images, paper napkins and adding some glitz like Suze did in her video!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Charms ready to go!!

I have managed to embellish some of my polymer clay charms by adding jump rings and some sort of little embellishment from my metals drawer and for some, bling as well. Most of the embellishments I added to the jump ring so that they would stay loose and interactive. For a few I added them using large glue dots. Seems to work very well. I was not able to pull them back off so I am expecting they are there to stay.
To the beads I made, I added a few commercial beads and a fancy little end. I am not very proficient in wire work so the ends are not as pretty as I would like but reasonable. Not sure what else I could be putting on the ends of the wire to keep the beads from falling off. Will have to do some on line research and see what I can find.
Now the question will be - Which ones do I use for the swap? and What will I do with the rest of them?? Maybe a few RAKs are in order!!



Clay charm swap - that is what started this flurry of activity!! I dug out a set of polymer clay - Sculpey - that my sister gave me four years ago for Christmas and started making shapes to use in the creation of charms for swapping. It was totally fun and my first time using polymer clay. I added Pearl Ex to some of them before I baked them - worked pretty well. I created a bit of a container for baking my clay charms by covering a metal pie plate with foil in hopes of not contaminating my oven too much!!
I looked up some basic instructions on the internet and then just started playing. So will have to see how I can embellish these into charms for the swap. I impressed them with some of my CB embossing folders. I really liked how well that worked and the Pearl Ex nicely highlighted the designs.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cardmaking - March - scallops & flowers

Just to change things up a bit I created these cards to fit in #8 (6 3/4) envelopes!! I used letter sized cardstock and cut the card 11" x 3.5" and folded it at 6 1/4" which leaves a 4 3/4" flap on the front. I added a 3" scallop (Nestibilities) that overlaps the edge of the front flap by half and creates a neat place to add an accent on the front of the card. In this case, I layered silk flowers, added a sequin and attached them together using a brad. I used a glue dot to attach this element to the scallop. When gluing the scallop to the front flap I applied glue to the flap to ensure that I did not glue the card closed. The single layer insert is hidden behind the front flap. I added a printed greeting to the red one and a stamped greeting to the yellow one.
Quick & easy meets Clean & Simple!! You gotta love it!!
With Daylight Saving time we have more hours of daylight!! Have a great day!!


Cardmaking - March - flower images

These cards feature colour printed flower images - I had a bunch of them in my stash and do not clearly recall where I bought them. Certainly, stickers or 3D card elements could easily be substituted for the images. Cutting images from junk mail, seed catalogs or commercial cards would also work.
I colour printed the greetings onto white cardstock to coordinate with the image and mounted the images at the top. Added a piece of wider ribbon just below and glued both ends to the back of the element using double sided tape. The slim ribbon is tied to it using double knots which creates a nice dip making a perfect little accent for this card. The bottom edge is trimmed using decorative scissors but could be torn instead for a different look. This accent element was mounted to the card front which had an embossed layer glued to it.
Keep your eyes open for interesting images that can be used for cardmaking - there are all kinds of places to get them and sometimes even for free!!


Cardmaking - March - tulip card

Some tulip cards for spring!! Was inspired by a card that featured a tulip created from ovals when I was creating my exchange card a few days ago so I played with the concept and came up with this tulip using the large oval punch (SU). I hand cut a stem and leaves for my tulip from a scrap of green cardstock. I chalked the ovals and the greenery to give them more dimension. For this card I layered an embossed (Swiss Dots - CB) white cardstock rectangle over black and mounted that to my card front. To create the tulip, I glued my three ovals to each other. After placing the elements on my card to make sure everything fit I glued the stem, leaves and tulip to my card front. I brought some cling mount greeting stamps (SU) and each person could add a greeting if they wished.
Tulips say "Spring"!! This would make a lovely Easter or Mother's Day card!!


Cardmaking - March - waterfall card

We made waterfall cards at cardmaking last night!! They are fun!!
I loosely followed this tutorial at Splitcoast Stampers. I modified the waterfall strip to 8.5"x 2" which I scored at 2", 2 5/8", 3 1/4" and 3 7/8" to create steps that were 5/8" instead of 3/4" to make better use of letter sized cardstock. I left out the extra layers on the waterfall images as well which gives the card a different look. On the samples here I used stamping and a cut out element on the black and caramel card and a stamped serendipity technique (One Sheet Wonder) on the other. I also created ones with colour printed letters (baby and bday) and stamped images (flower and butterflies). The waterfall images are 1 3/4" square. A stamped greeting can be added to the back portion of the waterfall.
If you have not tried making one of these you should. They are so dimensional when the waterfall is activated!! Check out the video link on this post a few days ago to SEE how cool the waterfall is!!

Tulip card

Made this tulip card for the card exchange at my get together with my crafty buddies!!
The tulip was created using three large oval punchies (SU) which were chalked to add a bit of dimension before they were glued together. I cut a stem and two leaves from a scrap of green cardstock which I also chalked. I layered these elements onto white cardstock that was stamped with a word definition stamp (SU) that I inked with several different colours. Added a green rectangle which I had punched with a scallop border punch (SU) and embellished by piercing a hole in each scallop using a push pin. I layered all the elements onto a yellow card. I stamped "Happy Easter" (SU) in green on the lower right hand side of the top layer which finished it off perfectly!!
Spring has sprung here - only a bit of snow here and there and temperatures above the zero mark!!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Waterfall Card

Made a waterfall card this morning!! It is for a swap on one of my groups. We needed to use purple & white and include at least one bunny! Amazingly, it is the first time I used this bunny rubber stamp. I have used all the other stamps from this Stampin UP set and finally got around to using this one! I followed rather loosely this Waterfall Card tutorial on Splitcoast Stampers!!
Used decorative paper on the card front and added my strip using eyelets. I don't use eyelets very often so it was fun to include them on this card. I added eyelets in the middle of little punchie flowers which helps add some dimension. The other images I used on the card are also from this set - the little dragonfly, the flowers and the "Just for you" saying which is on

the last panel. I chose to put the waterfall to the side a bit so I could add a little butterfly embellishment to the left of it. I added the flight trail with a fine tipped black Sharpie marker.

These are fun cards to make!! I found some very cool ones on Splitcoast especially this one that uses hot air balloons!! Follow this link to her blog and watch the little video to see how cool it looks when it is opened!!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Zentangle cards!

Our final day the students created these clean and simple cards with Zentangles they had created over the course of our art sessions. I think it is important that everyone know how to create cards for themselves using their own art! These are quick and easy - simply trimmed zentangles layered onto black and then onto a coloured square and mounted onto the embellished card using 3D foam tape. I provided word templates so they could trace greetings onto their cards using fine tipped Sharpie markers if they wished.

As always, I am delighted when students branch out and do their own thing with the supplies I provide and the techniques I teach them. I so do enjoy teaching and feel blessed that I get opportunities to do so!!

Thanks for dropping by!!


Handmade Paper Art book - charm

I stamped some shrink plastic with this cool quote about art!! I do feel that art has a restorative effect on our lives - it certainly does in my life!! The students added colour with coloured pencils and shrunk the plastic to create these cool little charms which were tied to the binding of their books using fiber!!
The books were bound using large brads through a black spine cover which helped to neaten the look of the book and provide some stability to the handmade paper. The back of the spine was covered with a strip of black cardstock to hide the tang ends of the brads. Makes a nice looking binding and finishes off the book very nicely.
The students always love playing with shrink plastic so creating charms in one of our last sessions after our books were bound worked very nicely and gave them some time to play.


Handmade Paper Art book - paper weaving

This page features a panel of woven handmade paper. I cut a piece of white cardstock 5"x5" and added double sided tape to each side. I did not remove the carrier from the tape right away. To start the weaving, the carrier was removed from one side and strips of handmade paper were placed side by side over it adhering them to the square. It was then fairly easy to weave strips into them using just a simple over and under pattern. Once the weaving covered all the white cardstock the carrier from the last three strips of double sided tape was removed and the paper weaving pressed into them to secure it. Any pieces overlapping the edges were trimmed, any ends that were flapping were glued down and the weaving was glued to the handmade paper sheet. Both the quote and the trimmed embossed handmade paper (from the first day) were coloured and layered onto the page overlapping the weaving and attached using brads.

I like this quote because it emphasizes that our life is the accumulation of days!! It seems more manageable to make changes in your life when you can start with making changes only for one day!!


Handmade Paper Art book - patchwork

This quilt was fun and easy to do!! I cut quarter sheets of label and we laid strips of decorative paper down on the sticky side leaving space between all the pieces. Once the piece of label was completely covered we trimmed the decorative paper to its edge and sprinkled gold embossing powder on the front which was caught in all the places where the label's adhesive had been left exposed. A run under the heat gun and we had gold threads running through our patchwork!! They looked great!! We glued them to the handmade paper sheet, added our embellished quote by overlapping it onto the patchwork and attaching it with brads which nicely attached all the pieces together. The dragonfly die cut (cut from sheets made the first day) was stapled on and the black body part nicely covered the staples.

I chose this quote because as our lives get busy we need to be sure that time with friends is woven in into our days!!


Handmade Paper Art book - metal embossing

This page features metal embossed flowers in a garden on some light blue handmade paper!! I die cut some silver foil (pie plate) into flowers shapes and we used pencils to draw designs using light pressure which embossed the metal. It is best to place the metal on a giving surface - in our case, we used folded newspaper which works really well. I added a flower garden using a black Sharpie and coloured the flowers and stems with chalk. Glued down the fence die cut (made longer by folding the cardstock in the same way I lengthened the film strip) and added the embellished quote with brads. The handmade paper butterfly die cut (cut from sheets made the first day) was embellished with chalk or pencil crayon and details were added using Sharpie markers. The butterfly was stapled to the background in its body area and the black body shape was glued over it nicely concealing the staples. The embossed metal flowers were embellished with yellow centers and attached to the page with brads.
We always have choice to make the best of the circumstances of our lives and bloom!!


Handmade Paper Art book - colouring with paper

This page was fun because we used tissue paper to "colour" our page! It is cool to see the colours that are created as the tissue paper strips are glued down in an overlapping pattern. Each student cut out a house shape, added details using marker or gel pen, stapled it to their tissue paper background, coloured and trimmed their quote and added it with brads and finally glued on their embossed red hearts!! I laid my tissue paper strips to create a rainbow. Each student was provided with a variety of colourful paper strips to choose from so each background was somewhat different. One student glued hers vertically for a really different look!
Chose this quote as a reminder that when we choose to love it has a transformative effect in our lives!!
Choose to think, speak and act more lovingly today!!


Handmade Paper Art book - cover

The cover of our books!! Each student chose a set of four sheets of handmade paper for their covers. We used two sheets of handmade paper (5.5"x8.5") for each cover/book page which allowed the backs of our brads and staples to not show in our book. After adding our art/instructions to each sheet we glued it to its coordinating sheet to create our pages. We glued a small black circle over the edge of the joined sheets, punched a couple of holes and tied on some colourful fiber - a decorative element that was added for style & function!!
In our second art session we created Zentangle designs!! These nice bold letters (A, R, T) are a font printed with only the outline and perfect for filling with zentangles. It is wonderful that the student's personal work is so prominently featured on their books!
In the next session we glued our decorated letters behind the holes of this film strip die cut (SX). The die has only two holes in it, so to create a continuous strip for our letters I folded over one section of the black cardstock strip and placed the fold very close to the cutting edge of the die before passing it through my Big Kick - voila! - a film strip with three holes!! I gave them a large silver star die cut, a small round tag for the year and some brads to add them to the front cover.

The back cover features a small silver star punchie attached with a brad. They all added their "rock star" signature next to the stars!! It took a little practice to make sure that art was not placed on the binding edge and to keep the pages upright to each other but with a little vigilance on my part we managed reasonably well to have all the art and pages properly oriented.

This quote ended up on the inside of my back cover because we required a catch up day to ensure that everyone's pages were ready for binding at the same time which eliminated one of the pages I had planned and left this quote without a page of its own. I thought it important enough to insert into their books at some place or another!!

We all need to remember that the trajectory of our lives is affected by what we think, what we say and what we do. It is always best to choose these wisely!!


Handmade paper - small sheets & embossing

We made these handmade paper sheets the first day of my sessions with the students!! They made plain white sheets, embossed white sheets and, at the end, we added some blue pulp to make some coloured sheets!!!
The embossed sheets were created using "moulds" I created several years ago for creating paper casts. I used hot glue to trace a hand drawn image I had placed under small sheets of handiwipes - kitchen wash up cloths! Both sides are affected when creating the sheets - one side is embossed and the other is debossed (sorry I should have flipped one over so you could see the difference). I love the contrast and texture of these pages which are most effective using a solid colour plain paper pulp - I really like them in white!!
I always use waste paper for making handmade paper, so in this case, I used white paper/cardstock that had no printing or stamping on it. As I am creating, I always put my scraps that are plain white in a special container so I can use them to make these nice clear sheets of white paper!!
These were used later in the creation of our Handmade Paper Art books!!


Envelope book swap

On one of my groups we are having an envelope book swap!! I thought it was a great idea!! I choose to use the theme - from our house to yours - referring to the communication between families that is done through the postal system - we all love to get mail!!
I used walnut ink to distress my envelopes and added coffee cup stains to most of them!! Cool effect!! I created art on the front and the back and included fun stuff inside too!!
The front of the A2 sized envelope features a road stamped on the bottom using an unmounted distressed wheel (SU), a bare tree stamp (Applachian Arts), some mountains (Applachian Arts) and words stamped with my set of magnetic letter stamps (Making Memories) - all in dark brown ink (Memories Chalk). I used an old funky book, drew houses with a large black permanent marker on the pages and cut them out to embellish my envelopes. Colour printed the mail box onto label, cut it out to make a sticker and placed it by the road near the house. I stamped the little envelope on label as well and cut it out as well. I placed it near the top of the house and used a fine tip Sharpie marker to create a line of movement from the words to the mail box.
On the back of the envelope I stamped the unmounted wheel stamp of houses (SU) across the bottom edge and added a bit of colour with coloured pencils. I dug through my postage stamp collection looking for an appropriate postage stamp. Found enough of these that feature flags and were similar in colour to my mailbox so added that to my flap next to the my words along with a line of movement with a black Sharpie.
To the inside of the envelope I added a little petal envelope cut from brown paper embellished with french script (SU) that has postage stamps inside it. They all feature houses of some kind. I also included one of my 3D house ATC!!! These little ATCs actually can be unfolded and make a three dimensional house!! Very fun!!
I have mailed them off and am looking forward to the little stash of envelopes I will be getting back!! I will make myself some interesting covers and bind them all together using my Bind it All!!
I am starting to have a little collection of interesting art books that are all my creations!!


Vintage love letters postcard

This is my creation in response to a challenge to create a vintage love letter postcard. It was totally fun to put together but gathering the supplies took a bit of time. The background is colour printed - a vintage postcard with music on it - front and back. I downloaded them from Jack and Cat Curio - they have great art and occasionally some images for download - very cool stuff!! I downloaded the handwritten letter from a collage Flicker group where people upload stuff for sharing. The rose I downloaded from the internet - not sure where from.
I printed the postcard - front and back and glued it to cardstock and then colour washed the edges with walnut ink so it would look like it was only one piece. I colour washed the handwritten letter with walnut ink as well and then cut a piece the size I needed for my project, from it. The rose I colour printed and cut out close to the edges. I cut the little envelope using the petal card die (SU) from gold vellum which had heart swirls on it and put a vintage heart tag on the inside closing it off with a brown seal. It is a reuse item - can you guess where it came from - leave me a comment if you figure it out. The ribbon is brown vintage seam binding and I dug a gold heart embellishment from my metal stash. The postage stamps are used stamps I have collected along the way.
After preparing all of my elements I started laying them out and seeing how they all worked with each other. Once I had all the items laid out the way I wanted them I glued everything in place starting with the lower items and finally adding the seam binding and the metal heart!!
I love the way it came together!!!!


Pop UP Card

On one of my groups we were challenged to make a pop up card that featured flowers!! Wanting to be a little more creative, I did a search on Splitcoast Stampers for some inspiration!! After finding several interesting cards I came up with this design. It is somewhat like a Diorama card - you push in the sides and flatten the card before inserting it in the envelope and it pops when it is taken out.
I used my rectangle Nestibilities to cut the opening in the cardstock and the decorative paper. Love the way they cut perfectly!! I added a couple of five petal punchies (SU) to the front along with a little gold sequin flower and a laser printed greeting.
On the inside I added some decorative paper and two cardstock rectangles - one white and one red (cut out of the front). To the cardstock I mounted several layered silk flowers with a gold brad.
Very happy with the card!! It stands very nicely and looks so dimensional!!


Handmade paper!

Another stack of handmade paper!!
Over the last month and half I have been teaching art to high school students - we have been working on creating a handmade paper art book - one page and technique at a time!! The book pages are all handmade paper - hence a stack of handmade paper was needed!!
I love making paper though in this case I made paper that was a bit more subtle than usual because we were going to be adding our art to the pages and it worked better if the paper was not too busy.
Any size of paper scraps can be used for making paper and I am fortunate to have several Stampin UP demos who save the scraps from their workshops for me to reuse!! Stampin UP cardstock makes really nice handmade paper!!!


I am back!!

I am finally back to posting to my blog!! It has been a busy month with having the flu, teaching 2-3 classes a week and having a death in the family and therefore a trip out west!! I have been making art so I will be posting my creations over the next week or so!!