Saturday, March 12, 2011

Handmade paper - small sheets & embossing

We made these handmade paper sheets the first day of my sessions with the students!! They made plain white sheets, embossed white sheets and, at the end, we added some blue pulp to make some coloured sheets!!!
The embossed sheets were created using "moulds" I created several years ago for creating paper casts. I used hot glue to trace a hand drawn image I had placed under small sheets of handiwipes - kitchen wash up cloths! Both sides are affected when creating the sheets - one side is embossed and the other is debossed (sorry I should have flipped one over so you could see the difference). I love the contrast and texture of these pages which are most effective using a solid colour plain paper pulp - I really like them in white!!
I always use waste paper for making handmade paper, so in this case, I used white paper/cardstock that had no printing or stamping on it. As I am creating, I always put my scraps that are plain white in a special container so I can use them to make these nice clear sheets of white paper!!
These were used later in the creation of our Handmade Paper Art books!!


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