Saturday, March 12, 2011

Handmade paper!

Another stack of handmade paper!!
Over the last month and half I have been teaching art to high school students - we have been working on creating a handmade paper art book - one page and technique at a time!! The book pages are all handmade paper - hence a stack of handmade paper was needed!!
I love making paper though in this case I made paper that was a bit more subtle than usual because we were going to be adding our art to the pages and it worked better if the paper was not too busy.
Any size of paper scraps can be used for making paper and I am fortunate to have several Stampin UP demos who save the scraps from their workshops for me to reuse!! Stampin UP cardstock makes really nice handmade paper!!!



  1. Cool and good for you for teaching !

  2. wow that's a great stack of paper.


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