Friday, November 30, 2007

Added this card to the repertoire for this morning's class. This is one of my favorites that incorporates handmade paper in it's design. I really love the texture and simplicity of it!! I layered brown naturals handmade paper onto a ruby red card with hot glue. The pressed cedar sprig and the red raffia bow are also added with hot glue. Regular glue stick could be used as long as you put the card under pressure to dry to keep all the elements in contact with each other until the glue has dried!!
One branch of cedar and a few hours to press them will yield enough sprigs for your Christmas cards for the year!! Consider doing this in the spring or fall when you are trimming your cedars anyway. If you have no cedars talk to your neighbours who do! They would be most happy to let a few branches go to a good cause!!

Have a great weekend!!


Mixed Media Market
Another ornament idea from Splitcoast! Used circles and a punch for the middle hole! Consider using gingerbread men, stars, oval or diamonds!! Lots of room for creativity in these ones. You need four circles. Fold each one in half then use a punch to create the inner shape in each of them. Glue the flaps to each other until you have have only one set to glue. Insert the hanger (doubled over string with a knot at the end) and glue the final set of flaps. I added beads to the sample I made which takes a bit more time but adds a little glitter and sparkle to them. There is so much wonderful paper out there that these could be made in a rainbow of colours!! Can be folded flat to store!! If you use only two circles instead of four it makes a flat ornament and does not require folding. Have fun!!


My Art - ornaments

Cute little ornaments that are really fast to make!! Had a class this morning for a teacher looking for some ideas that she can adapt for her kids. I found these on Splitcoast. Really like the ones made of vellum. I stamped the inside of the one with the aqua ribbon with aqua snowflakes. I found that double sided paper worked very nicely to give a bit of a hint of something inside. Of course, they could be embellished with charms and/or beads as well!! If you are looking for a quick and easy craft to make with your kids over the holidays this would be great. Consider using scraps because all you need is 7 pieces of 3/4" x 4.25" paper. Punch a hole at each end and thread a knotted ribbon through both ends and "squish" to be the right shape and tie another over hand knot. Then just spread the strips apart until they form a ball. Could even be used as gift embellishments!! Enjoy!!