Friday, November 30, 2007

Another ornament idea from Splitcoast! Used circles and a punch for the middle hole! Consider using gingerbread men, stars, oval or diamonds!! Lots of room for creativity in these ones. You need four circles. Fold each one in half then use a punch to create the inner shape in each of them. Glue the flaps to each other until you have have only one set to glue. Insert the hanger (doubled over string with a knot at the end) and glue the final set of flaps. I added beads to the sample I made which takes a bit more time but adds a little glitter and sparkle to them. There is so much wonderful paper out there that these could be made in a rainbow of colours!! Can be folded flat to store!! If you use only two circles instead of four it makes a flat ornament and does not require folding. Have fun!!


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