Friday, November 30, 2007

Added this card to the repertoire for this morning's class. This is one of my favorites that incorporates handmade paper in it's design. I really love the texture and simplicity of it!! I layered brown naturals handmade paper onto a ruby red card with hot glue. The pressed cedar sprig and the red raffia bow are also added with hot glue. Regular glue stick could be used as long as you put the card under pressure to dry to keep all the elements in contact with each other until the glue has dried!!
One branch of cedar and a few hours to press them will yield enough sprigs for your Christmas cards for the year!! Consider doing this in the spring or fall when you are trimming your cedars anyway. If you have no cedars talk to your neighbours who do! They would be most happy to let a few branches go to a good cause!!

Have a great weekend!!


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