Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Christmas cards - bonus!!

 I have been working on Christmas card as of late and found these four sitting on a not often used corner of my desk.  They are ones that I refurbished from the stack that Mom gave me to reuse that she has saved over the years.  These are ones I have sent her and I thought it would be nice to give them another go around.
For three of them I trimmed off the fronts and remounted them onto new card fronts.  The red one simply needed a new insert and was good to go!!
This is like an artistic architectural dig!!  The first one - foiled Christmas tree goes back probably twenty years.  I applied glue to the green cardstock using a brush and when it was tacky I burnished metallic foil into it - gold for the three and green for the star!!  That was fun!! The wisemen and the holly are both handmade paper cards (fifteen years old) which I created on the screen and then couched.  I used watercoloured tissue paper to create the sky and torn handmade paper to create the wisemen on the top one.  The gold start was stitched on after it was dry!!  Still love it!!  For the lower one, the holly was created on the screen and couched off.  Next I dipped a sheet of white. laid the gold embossed greeting on tissue paper onto the screen then laid the couched holly leaves over that.  That was couched and dried.  Once dry, I glued the red berries - red cardstock circle punchies and added a bit of detail in the holly using green watercolour.  This whole element was then glued to the front of a handmade paper card and an insert was tied in.  Once I tore off the front I simply stitched it to a white card front and added a new insert.  The red one (eight years old) features torn strip of antiqued music sheet overlaid with a cardstock strip in brown and red ribbon over that.  The greeting was then stamped and the layered image (SU) was added using 3D foam tape.
So a total bonus that I found these four cards sitting on my desk.  So I count 23+4 = 27 as a total for Christmas cards made this year though I am not sure these were refurbished this year but they went into the stash this year and that is what counts!!