Sunday, February 04, 2007

This is a group of over 30 handmade cards that I have refurbished in the last three days. They were given to me at my cardmaking class by someone who has been collecting greeting cards for a long while and did not want them to go to waste by just recycling them. Beautiful very detailed work - pergamano, tea bag folding, paper tole, original acrylics, etc. I will be donating these card to a local group that does outreach and is always in need of cards. This is what I do with all the handmade cards I receive through swaps and exchanges. There are so many places that would appreciate the donation of handmade cards - seniors homes, not for profit organizations, churches, etc. When I refurbish the cards I remove any writing or personal message - some times it means just replacing the insert other times I need to cut off the card front and remount it onto new cardstock. With a new envelope they are ready to go!!

Here is my contribution to another journal in the project!! I have created a folder which features a strip of each kind of paper and inside I stamped and watercoloured a scene that features the four seasons and used some of each kind of paper to create a "pocket" at the bottom of the folder. I have printed each technique's basic information and instructions on a tranparency and cut them apart and labeled them according to the season that paper is featured in. Lots of fun!! Only one more journal for me to work in and this project will be complete!!

Have been busy with some technique art journals this week. This is a round robin project started over a year ago. I have created layouts in all the journals that present four different techniques - handmade paper, serendipity, paste paper and faux leather!! It has been fun to come up with different ways to present these different papers! Here I stamped and gold embossed a gate on each kind of paper and added the description and basic instructions in a folded sort of booklet underneath. Added hearts and some inspirational quotes to finish off the layout!! I have truly enjoyed this project because of the diversity of art that has been presented in all the journals that went by and on all the pages of my journal!!