Sunday, February 04, 2007

This is a group of over 30 handmade cards that I have refurbished in the last three days. They were given to me at my cardmaking class by someone who has been collecting greeting cards for a long while and did not want them to go to waste by just recycling them. Beautiful very detailed work - pergamano, tea bag folding, paper tole, original acrylics, etc. I will be donating these card to a local group that does outreach and is always in need of cards. This is what I do with all the handmade cards I receive through swaps and exchanges. There are so many places that would appreciate the donation of handmade cards - seniors homes, not for profit organizations, churches, etc. When I refurbish the cards I remove any writing or personal message - some times it means just replacing the insert other times I need to cut off the card front and remount it onto new cardstock. With a new envelope they are ready to go!!

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