Friday, November 28, 2014

Triangle Christmas card

This is truly a triangle card!!  It is triangular on all three sides and the amazing thing is that it can be folded and mailed in a regular
envelope!!  I started with three 4.25" squares of red cardstock each scored and folded diagonally.  I cut the decorative paper to 4" square and trimmed it diagonally - a perfect fit on the large triangular areas.  The little pieces (back side of paper) were cut to 1.5" square and cut diagonally.  I added faux stitching to the large triangles using a black gel pen.

The front features a vellum greeting which I folded over the edges of the paper and secured with double sided tape.

I added a length of black cording which I also adhered to the back with double sided tape and tied on a short piece to simulate a bow.  The scallop accent was glued over the cording and features layered punchies - the watercoloured poinsettia (Beccy's Place) over a green circle (SU) over a black scalloped circle (SU).  I hand cut a half circle to tuck the back flap of the card into so it would stand nicely.
You can see here what the card looks like open flat. It will be folded down the center, inserted into the envelope and sent on its way to my swap partner.
Below you can see the individual pieces before I glued them together.  The white strips is double sided tape before I peeled off the release paper.

My card will not fit into an A2 sized envelope so I will have to find a larger envelope.  To make one to fit into an A2 envelope use 4" squares for the cardstock and reduce the sizes appropriately for the decorative paper.  If you decide to make some of these for A2 envelope consider using 12" x 12" cardstock - it would yield nine 4"x 4" squares which would make 3 cards.
Really enjoyed making this card!!  Love swaps for stretching my creativity!!


Giftie Mingle on By Hand group

These are my little gifties all wrapped and ready to go to my partners for the 2014 Giftie Mingle on the By Hand group.  The contents will be revealed here after Christmas once everyone has received and opened their little gifts.  It is always fun to participate in this mingle.  I have received some wonderful little pieces of art and lovely little gifts from this swap in years past.  
For packaging my little gifts I used a tag die to create an envelope.  I cut a strip of green decorative cardstock to 3 1/8" and folded it in half.  I was sure to place the fold above the bottom of the tag and the two sides within the sides of the tag on the die.  When I ran it through my Big Kick I cut both the front and the back to the crescent tag shape and because the fold did not reach the bottom of the tag my fold stayed intact.  I used alphabet packing tape to seal up both sides, inserted my little gift, added a bit of tissue paper on top and tied closed the envelope with red fiber including my little tag.  I stamped JOY (Quietfire) on the front of the tag in red and the back of the tag reads DAY 8 which is when my little gifts will be opened by all my swap partners.  


Heart calendar

 Another calendar for the holiday season!!  I used heart photos from The Morgue File for this calendar.  I downloaded and cropped them to really highlight the hearts.  I am really happy with the selection I found on the site.  All the photos are free to use in all sorts of projects.  I converted them to black and white in Adobe Photo Elements by clicking on "Enhance" and then "Convert to black and white". You can make more adjustments with the sliders in that window until your image is exactly as you want it to be.
In Corel Draw I sized the images to fit inside the 4" x 4" inch black frame I made leaving just a slight gap of white which really helps to frame the images. Once all the images had been adjusted I printed them on white cardstock and trimmed around them using a ruler and exacto knife.  I used a black sharpie marker on the edges so the white core did not show.  I used the calendar I created in Word Perfect for this calendar on this one as well.  I glued my images to the top portion of my red 8.5``x 5.5``pieces of cardstock and the trimmed calendar pages to the bottom portion.
I added black rick rack to the area in between them using glue dots to adhere the two ends to the edge of the cardstock. It needed a bit of something so I added a length of white thread which I intertwined with the rack rack.  Really like the look of it!!  I used white glue to adhere the ends to the cardstock. To add a bit more texture, I added a tied off length of red seaming binding below the rick rack and a silver heart punchie above with a large glue dot.
Here are all the pages I created.  This calendar is double sided - January to June on one side and July to December on the other!!

I have created a few more calendars this season.  Here are links to them:
Birdie calendar, handmade paper and pressed botanicals and one that features tarot card images.
Are you creating some gifts for the holiday season??
Would love to hear what you are creating!!

Leave me a comment and link to your creations if you have them online!!