Thursday, November 22, 2018

Reusable Bento bag for gift wrapping

My daughter found this idea in a book about bags which she took from the library.  After a bit of research on line I found this pattern and it is called a Bento Bag which was used my orientals to carry their lunch to work.  It is a super easy project once you work out which edge gets sewn to which other side.  
You can use a rectangle ( 3 x 1), two triangles or three squares to create them so you can truly use whatever you have in your fabric stash to get started!!  Check out this site

I made this one out of non raveling fabric and it is housing my grandson's birthday gift but for sure you can use any fabric, line it or not, and can be made any size.  I think it would be the greatest thing to making reusable gift wrapping for the upcoming holiday season!!  Made in any or neutral colours the bags can be used year round to store and or carry any number of items - a casserole to the potluck, your items for a day at the beach, all the thread spools in your sewing box, etc.   
So consider reusable packaging this Christmas and save the planet the paper that will be going to the garbage - recycle bin this year!!  
Even if you just make one this year!!!


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