Friday, January 01, 2016

Fabric postcard with a stitched flower

On my Fabric Postcard group, I have joined the birthday club.  We are committing to sending a postcard to each person in the group for their birthday.  I joined so I could spread out over the year the fun of making these fabric postcards and I wanted to be able to spend some time getting them ready.  Thankfully, the list owner made us aware that for our postcards to arrive on time for the those with January birthdays we needed to get them ready in December!!  Good point!  So along with Christmas preparations I have been working on and off on the two postcards I need for January.  
For this one I pieced some small scraps into two lengths and sewed them together and then realized that I was short on one side so I added a long strip to make up what I needed to get 4" x 6".  I stamped the plaid fabric in red ink with "be happy" which is a good sentiment for birthdays.  I added some batting on the back and stitched in the ditch on all of my seams in black thread.  I created my flower using scraps as well.  I stitched two together, cut the square in half and restitched it then cut out my largest circle - about 3".  The medium one is about 1.5" and the smallest is just under 1".  I hand cut some leaves from some green fabric and then added some fusible webbing to the back of each piece.  I started with the leaves, positioning them and ironing them into place.  I layered the flower starting with the largest and finishing with the smallest.  I stitched all the way around each piece using the buttonhole stitch in black thread. I love the contrast.  I added a stabilizing layer and backer which I had fused together and then added black bias tape all the way around.  Very happy with how this one turned out.  I will be mailing it in time for it to arrive to my swap partner for her birthday in January.