Monday, December 21, 2009

My art - celebrating the season card

I made this card for a couple who do not celebrate Christmas.
I used a monochrome theme and added texture. Cut the trees with Quickutz tree die, switched the snowflakes and embossed each piece with Cuttlebug embossing folders - Script, D'vine swirl and Swiss Dot. Ripped a few pieces of off white cardstock for the snowbanks and embossed the card front with Swiss Dots to simulate snow falling. I had to do it in two passes to get it all so there is a portion beneath the darkest tree that has been unembossed because of the border of the folder. The tree covers it very nicely. I glued the snowbanks at their bottoms so I could later tuck in the trees. The darker strip of cardstock simulates ribbon and I glued the stippled embossed oval over it.
Thrifty Tip: The "PEACE" I embossed on the oval is part of a QK Christmas greetings embossing folder. The greetings are all too close together to be able to emboss it all and then cut out the greetings. So to get only the word I wanted I put a piece of cardstock in the folder in the appropriate position, placed a piece of matboard smaller than the word over part of the word and hit it a few times and moved the matboard to cover another area of the word and hit it a few times. Worked great!! There was a shadow of one of the adjacent greetings so I just used a bone folder to make that area flat again. You have to be very careful not to do more than the area you want but it does give you the versatility of using only parts of your embossing folders!!

My last card for the season! All the others are already gone or will be on their way today!! Shopping is mostly done and all the parcels to family went over a week ago so they all should arrive before Christmas.

The spirit of Christmas is love - for yourself, others and the world. Celebrate with your family and friends the love you share for each other!! Keep love in your thoughts and it will spill into your words and deeds over the season and you will have the best Christmas ever!!

Wishing you love, peace and joy this season!!


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

MY art - Angel card

Recognize this one?? Yes, it is a complete duplicate of the black and taupe one I made earlier. Just changed the colour to blue and the greeting to Merry Christmas!!


Friday, December 04, 2009

My Art - Magazine rack card holder

I have modified the "magazine rack" card holder I created earlier this year to make it more sturdy and to ease the process of putting it together. It requires a 12 x 12 piece of cardstock and holds A2 sized cards with envelopes. You mark and score the lines, make a few cuts and fold it on all the lines. A few pieces of double sided tape in the right spots and it comes together quite easily. I just decorated it with a piece of decorative paper and added a book plate but you could decorate it with whatever your little heart desires!!

These are great for putting on your book shelf to hold any extra cards you have made for future occasions. They could also store any cards you have kept to provide inspiration!! Might also be a wonderful way to package cards for gift giving!!


My Art - angels for a special tree

Angels for a special tree!! We have a program in our community where groups decorate Christmas trees with special ornaments and over the course of the season they are raffled off to support charities. I created these angel ornaments for one of the girls from church who is doing an angel tree - all the ornaments will be angels!!
I will take the opportunity next week to go and see all the trees when local choirs will be providing Christmas music. I am looking forward to getting a boost in my Christmas spirit!!
There are so many opportunities to participate in something bigger than ourselves and make others lives better! We should participate in any that pull on our hearts strings!! It is our way of making the world a better place!!


My Art - handmade paper cards 2

These cards are also created with handmade paper!! In this case the base card is white handmade paper pulp - worth saving aside any completely white scraps you can find - which have been overlaid with images from tissue paper and paper napkins which had been cut to size. It gives a very different look and takes less time. So it really depends on the look you are going for when making your cards!! I collect paper napkins that have Christmas images when I find them for using when making cards this way.
Of course, handmade paper can be used for making cards in a multitude of ways and with every theme under the sun - both in its wet and dry state!!
These cards have a cute fun look and I think I know someone special who will appreciate one of these in a holiday package!!


My Art - handmade paper cards

I created these cards with handmade paper pulp - right on the screen!! I had several girls over a few weeks ago and we made paper pulp Christmas cards for the holidays! I love the look and feel of handmade paper and these show off what is possible. We created our shapes first using a small screen, a baster and green pulp with pine needles in it for texture. We started off with cookie cutters but most quickly progressed to creating shapes by hand which are more interesting which we embellished with red dots (thin paper napkin). We then created our sheets from the white pulp with greenery in it for our base card and added our stamped embossed greetings and the shapes we had created!! We couched our paper as usual and let them dry. Once dry, we pressed them under weight if they had become curly and wavy. I added a confetti star to the tree and a red bow to the wreath and used a needle and crochet thread to tie in my insert.
Making cards using handmade paper pulp is fun and uses up your scraps from papercrafting. I really like the natural look of these cards but you can see from my next post that other options are available for a very different look.


Thursday, December 03, 2009

My art - christmas card and tag exchange

Here is the Christmas card I created for the girls from Card Club!! It features a Paper Artsy angel black embossed on taupe with a distressed and watercoloured border. It is layered over colour washed sheet music and a black card which has silver embossed greeting and snowflakes!! I added a snowflake embellishment - a black snowflake punchie (MS) over a silver fabric snowflake attached with a brad!!
I am so happy with the way this card turned out!!
Not a traditional Christmas card but that suits me fine!! We had a tag exchange this month instead of exchanging cards. I used adhesive cardstock and glitter to create my ornament. I cut the ornament with my CB using the Sizzix die and then peeled off the hanger and middle section and added silver glitter. Peeled off the top and bottom section and added black glitter. Mounted it to the tag with 3D foam tape and attached them together at the top with fiber!!
Got some really great tags in exchange - a cute little Christmas couple with gifts, large scallop circle with glittered ornaments, a glittered snowman star, a nicely layered and coloured winter tree with snowman, a glittery snowflake, a top note with evergreen trees and 3D snowflake punchies!! At least one yet to come!! We had a wonderful evening - good food and good friends always makes good memories!! I was in charge of the shoe box so I prepped some supplies for making little "magazine racks" for storing cards. I modified the design a little bit from from last time to make it more sturdy. I will see about uploading that later.

I am looking forward to Christmas and a bit of a break! I have been in cardmaking heaven for the last month and it has been very fun but I am looking forward slowing the pace of life and taking some time to "fill the cup"!!


My Art - Dec cardmaking - vellum butterfly

This card features several layers of vellum and a vellum butterfly!! The butterfly is stamped and embossed. I cut it out along the embossing and slightly folded each wing up so that it is dimensional on the card!! Added it to the card with a SMALL piece of double sided tape placed beneath its body. I used coloured vellum closest to the cardstock and added a cardstock strip below the decorative vellum which helps create another level of contrast. A greeting can be stamped on the strip or on the card front. The two vellum layers and the strip are attached to the card front with brads.

Decorative vellum: I stippled and stamped white vellum to create the decorative vellum I needed for the yellow card. I used a Memories Chalk pad and a long UM (SU). Not all inks dry on vellum. The chalk ink dried reasonably quickly and could be encouraged to hasten its pace with a little heat. Always be careful when using a heat gun on vellum - it can warp and wrinkle with too much heat.


My Art - Dec cardmaking - punchie flower

This card features a folded flower punchie which gives a really different look!! I used double sided colour printed cardstock to give dimension to the flower. You need to offset the fold so all the petals are visible. Score from the top of the bottom petal on the right to the bottom of the top petal on the left. The center is a 1/2" punchie which I distressed and coloured to help it look more part of the flower. I cut a stem and leaves from a scrap of green cardstock and glued them all to the white rectangle to which I had given a watercolour wash and distress to its edges. The band on the left hand side was punched with a border punch - scallop (SU) and eyelet (MS).
One of the girls did not glue her flower in half - she left it just folded and it adds a lot of dimension to the card because half the petals are a bit 3D on the front of the card. I thought it looked really nice.

My Art - Dec cardmaking - shimmer again!

Yet, more shimmer paper!!! The central image - stamped and embossed on shimmer paper - is trimmed, layered and mounted to the top part of the card. I punched the holes to the top layer and added the fiber before I glued it to the card front so that the filber does not show on the inside.
There is enough room on this card to add a greeting below the fiber which allows you to use this one for any occasion!!


My Art - Dec cardmaking - Thanks

I like to make thank you cards in early December so they are ready to go when I need them over the Christmas season.
This card features a computer generated THANKS - font Comet Negative - which I printed in light grey so it would not overwhelm the colours of the decorative paper I used in the background. I used watercolour to colour my letters but you could use any medium you like - chalks, pencil crayons, markers, etc. Once coloured I cut them apart leaving a white margin all the way around which acts as a frame and makes them stand out a bit. Some at class did not leave a border and it makes quite a visual difference. I mounted them with 3D foam tape to the strip which I trimmed with decorative scissors and embellished with pin pricks.
I made a variety of colours and it is always fun to play with the elements to make it your own.
Pay attention to the blessings you receive over the holidays - gifts, special events, experiences, sharing, fun, etc and be sure to let those who have touched your life know that they are appreciated!!!