Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hammered background for my sister's birthday card

I used one of my dandelion and radish leaves pounded backgrounds for this card for my sister's birthday. She loves sunflowers and it was as close as I could come at this time of the year!!  After the background was dry, I ironed it flat and trimmed it to 3.75" x 5". I added a length of yellow seam binding, layered it onto a coordinating green cardstock rectangle and stitched all the way around using green thread in my sewing machine.  I stamped the greeting just above the seam binding in dark green ink using my stamping jig.  I double stamped it to make sure it was dark enough to show up well.  I glued this large focal element to a bright yellow card front.  To simulate a bow I tied a short length of seam binding to the one on the front of my card using a single knot.  I love the way it turned out!!!  I will be seeing her later this week and we are headed out to do a bird photo shoot and enjoying lunch at a tea house.   One of her favorite things to do!!            Therese

Praying for you card that features flowers and pink & green theme

My favorite colour combination is pink and green!!  I downloaded the image from Pixabay, added a font greeting and laser printed it on white cardstock.  I trimmed it out leaving a small white border.  I embossed a green rectangle, adhered the image on the left and added a length of white seam binding to the right hand side.  I tied on another short piece with one knot to simulate a bow.  I glued this large focal element to the front of a pink card.