Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fabric collage heart cards

 I have been playing with fabric collage and needed a few anniversary cards so I decided to combine the two and made a few cards.  
To create my fabric collages I simply took coordinating scraps and sewed them to each other by overlapping their edges and machine stitching with a coordinating thread.   
To make my cards I took each collage and cut it into heart shapes free hand.  The first two cards were cut from one collage. For the first card I cut an ivory layer and mounted two strips of green cardstock one on each long side.  Next, I colour washed two strips of vintage white bandaging that looks like cheese cloth with green watercolour and, once dry, I positioned them on the layer and adhered them to the back using double sided tape. Then I positioned my fabric collage heart and overlaid it with a short piece of ivory lace and machine stitched it in place using coordinating thread.  I layered my laser printed greeting onto the same green cardstock I used on the layer and stitched it in place as well.  I found these little ribbon bows in my stash. I placed one over the lace and sewed it on with coordinating embroidery thread tying two knots to keep it in place.  This embellished layer was adhered to a coral card front to complete my card.  Really happy with how this card worked out!  Encouraged by my first attempt I made another one!!  For this card I used a similar piece of ivory cardstock and stitched on kraft cardsstock strips on each long side.  I added some scallop edged tulle (SU) over the middle and gathered the middle portion keeping it in place using double sided tape.  I positioned my fabric collage heart over the tulle and stitched it in place, layered my laser printed greeting onto lavender cardstock and also stitched it in place.  I finished off this layer by positioning a short piece of lace over my heart and sewing on a little bow using lavender embroidery thread knotting twice to hold them in place.  I adhered this embellished layer to a peach coloured card front.  Fun!!!

For this third card, I pieced strips of blue cardstock together by adhering them to each other on the back with regular tape then embossed this layer with a circle/dot embossing folder.  I layered my fabric collage heart over a white mesh fabric, stitched it with coordinating thread and then trimmed the mesh fabric close to the heart.  I positioned this heart on my blue layer, added a handmade collaged heart button and tied them in place using rose coloured embroidery thread.  I layered my laser printed greeting onto rose cardstock and adhered it to the blue layer using double sided tape.  This embellished layer was mounted to a white card front.
Loving the artsy look of these cards!!  You can check out the collaged button instructions by clicking the link in the text or by clicking TUTORIALS above and scrolling down to the Collage Button tutorial.