Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Birthday card featuring a stamped greeting, decorative paper and hand drawn bows

I have been reviewing my Inspiration file folder and found a few cards using a similar sketch and decided to see if I could make that sketch work for me.  I took me a while to decide what shapes I was going to use and finally chose rectangles.  I cut a brown card to fit in a large envelope and then found this subtle decorative paper which I thought would work well with it.  I used my Making Memories magnetic stamp set to stamp the greeting in dark brown ink.  My metal mount is MIA so I had to improvise - took a bit of time!  I have a lot of stamped greetings that were stamped before I was happy with the coverage and layout of the letters.  While it was drying I dug out my little stash of orange scraps and cut a variety of rectangles and auditioned them to make an arrangement above the words.  Once I was happy with it I adhered them in place.  I turned my background over and created another set of rectangles and glued them in place when I was happy with the layout.  After they were all mounted I thought they were a bit boring so I added little hand drawn bows on the tall ones and added kraft fiber bows to the two small ones.  It adds some texture which was nice.  On hindsight, I could have flagged the ends or cut them with decorative scissors or a border punch to add some interest.  I like the straight edges on the pieces which nicely highlights the greeting!!  Not as successful as the originals but I will try again.  Happy with the result!!           Therese