Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cardmaking - February - with a Twist

After making this snowflake card with a twist I decided to add this design to my cardmaking session for February!!  Love cards that move!!
I created it to fit in a #8 envelope by combining two pieces of cardstock that overlap in the back and create a flap on each end.  The white cardstock flap on the right hand side features the twirling element and the coloured flap on the left features the greeting and extends to the fold on the right.
The twirling element is created by capturing a piece of crochet thread between two silver circle punchies using double sided tape being sure it is centered.  I applied double sided tape above and below the punched opening, centered the twirling element in the opening and pressed the threads into the tape being sure the thread was taut.  I added another piece of double sided tape over the threads and folded the ends over and adhered them to the double sided tape, respectively.  This folding helps to ensure that the ends will remain captured and that the twirling element remains taut. Finish off the element by adhering confetti shapes to each side using double sided tape or glue dots.  I added a double knotted ribbon to the decorative paper and adhered it over the glued threads.     I trimmed my greeting and added it to the left hand side so the left flap would just tuck in slightly.  Here is a link to a video tutorial I found that was helpful.
So, to get the twirling action, you twist your element, lay it flat on your card and tuck it into your envelope.  When the recipient opens the card and lifts the flap the element twirls!!
The twirling element can be almost any size and shape so there is a lot of potential to make this card really fun!!


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