Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cardmaking - February - botanical bird

The decorative background on this card is sticky backed fabric which was designed for use in home decor.  I have had it for a couple of years and have several times tried to incorporate it into my creations without success.  This week it all just gelled and I created this design!!  Because the fabric is sticky backed it is best to apply it like a large label.  I peeled back just a small amount of the backing paper and positioned the top onto my card front ensuring it was straight and true.  Once that little piece is properly positioned I was able to remove the backer paper easily off the rest of it and the whole piece settled nicely into place.  Love the look of it!!  I added a length of lace, tied some black cording around the card front over the lace and slipped the cardstock paper clip (SX) over it sliding it along until I was happy with the placement then anchored it with 3D foam tape.  Glued the little bird (TH) to the paper clip and added it the wing with 3D foam tape. Used a white gel pen to add an eye.  Stamped some script with grey Memories ink onto the fabric to add a bit of texture as some areas needed a bit of a boost.
Use what you have!!  I know it is good advice but I can totally relate when in an effort to use what you have you seem to be hitting a road block and nothing is working!!  I admit to moving on and trying something else because forcing the design process tends to be not an effective use of time for me, though having said that I am trying more and more to use what I have in an effort to reduce the stash!!


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