Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Art - cardmaking - swervy

A card with swerve!! I borrowed this Floral Fantasy Cuttle Bug embossing folder from a friend and really like the look!! I trimmed to the edge of the embossing and then drew a nice swervy line from top to bottom on the back. If you have trouble with swervy lines make yourself a template from cardboard to trace. You are going to use both pieces so you need one nice cut. I glued the left hand piece to the left hand side on the card front and then cut the front even with the edge of the embossed piece. You could try cutting it different for a unique look. The right hand side of the embossed piece is glued to the inside of the card so it shows at on the front. Punched three holes on the top of the swerve and tied in three ribbons!! Easily can be changed up for any occasion by changing the colours and the embossing! Would be great as a baby or wedding card. Dangle a round tag with a message or greeting!!


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