Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Art - Cardmaking - Daisies

Ever find a piece of gorgeous paper you just have to have?? This daisy embossed tissue paper was one of those!! I just love the texture and the watercolour impression of it!! The paper featured a variety of loose rectangles with a daisy in each! For these cards, I just cut the rectangles with a wavy edge and glued them to the front of the card. I applied the glue to the card front so I would not lose any of the embossed texture on the paper. Just a little overall pressure keeps the tissue in contact with the cardstock long enough to be well attached without it getting too wet and losing its texture!

So I definitely recommend buying a piece of paper if it is screaming to have you take it home!! I know it is hard to actually cut it up later but everything has its time and eventually it is time to create with it and let it back out into the world to brighten someone's else's day!!


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