Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just love making "paste paper"!! You make paste (wall paper or cornstarch), add some colour (watercolour, ink, acyrlic paint, etc) and then spread it on your dampened paper. The paper needs to have a good wet strength for this project. In this case, I used white Kraft gift wrap I bought at Michaels. It worked very well. I usually make a day of it when get started making paste paper and just play as long as the paste lasts. I have created my own tools for working in the paste - mostly cut from plastic milk jugs. I like the flexibility of the plastic and the more organic lines they create.
I have now acquired the 1 3/8" SU punch so I can make double layered tags using it in combination with the 1 1/4" SU punch. Just love the ease of making these now. I added a punched shape to the tags - hearts, stars, dragonflies, leaves and daisies and made them in a variety of cardstock colours. Added a little fiber and had a quick and easy card!!

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