Thursday, April 23, 2015

Boho bangles

Boho Bangles!!
I signed up for this swap because it sounded interesting and was a project I had never tried before!
 I find swaps are a great way to try a "new to me" technique or project.
A link was provided for us to preview the technique - Stackable Bangles by Mark Montano.  After watching the video and perusing the supplies I went looking for zip ties, beads, ribbon and wire!!

I had to modify my zip ties because they were not long enough for the bangles I needed to make for my partner.  We all provided our measurements so our partners could create a bracelet which would fit.  I created my armature by wrapping to each other a zip tie and a hair elastic with heavy weight thread and tied off the ends.  Next, I wrapped the armature with a length of shimmery blue/pink organza ribbon.  Bead were next!!  I found some pink, blue, clear and pearl beads which all looked good together and worked with the ribbon.
 I cut a length of blue 28 gauge wire, created a loop around the armature and secured the wire by twisting the end around body of the wire.  I started wrapping the wire around the armature adding one bead at a time leaving the bead on the outside edge of the bracelet.                        
I chose to repeat a pattern - blue, pearl, pink and clear. These beads were pretty much the same size - some plastic and the others glass seed beads.  I really like the look of this bracelet but found that I had measured too closely and my bracelet was too small once I had wrapped it with ribbon and beads.  So it was not going to be suitable for my partner and sadly is also too small for me so I will have to find a new home for it.
After a bit of reflection I decided to create my armature differently for my next bangle and go with a version much closer to what was suggested in the video.  I found that the elastic on the outside of the zip tie made it difficult to position the beads evenly.  The way of creative discovery is trial and error!!


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