Thursday, April 23, 2015

Boho Bangles - third time's a charm!

Here is my final boho bangle!!! I was very tempted to create my second bracelet exactly like my first except in different colours.  Instead I decided to use fabric strips which is what he uses in the video.  I used a short piece of bias trim I had in my stash in this beautiful orange/yellow plaid.  You cannot even tell it is a plaid!!  I chose large seed beads that coordinated with the lines of thread in the fabric - yellow, turquoise, leaf green and red.  I created clusters instead of an all over pattern.  I doubled up the reds in the middle of the clusters just to change things up a bit.  I also used gold wire on this one because it coordinated the best.  I also added a large turquoise feature between the last two clusters by using a few slightly larger beads and layering dyed shells on both sides of the central turquoise
bead.  I really like the colour combinations in this one!!

The girls on the group have been saying that once you get started making these it is hard to stop!!  Considering that they are so easy to make and require very little supplies there is no reason not to have an armful that coordinate with your summer outfits!!
I am hoping that these will coordinate with my partners summer attire!!

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