Thursday, April 23, 2015

Boho bangles - the second time around

Here are the supplies I used for my second bangle - taped zip tie, blue 28 gauge wire, sheer ribbon and some blue, pink and clear beads.  I overlapped the ends of the zip tie before applying the red TUCK tape. This tape is very sticky and is used to seal sheathing.  DH has used it for several other purposes as well.  Two years ago it was to seal the holes in the vinyl siding created by LARGE hailstones.  You can see in the photo that I did not overlap the ends on that one - it really peaks where the tape just folds over.  I redid it and added a short piece of extra zip tie over the gap which works much better.  You will see what I did with that one in the next posting.  I used the same shimmery blue/pink ribbon that I used on the first one, wrapping it all the way around my zip tie armature.  I did not have enough beads left over from the first one so I went looking for more beads.  I found some blue and pink ones that worked well together so I simply added the clear seed beads to create this one.  I alternated the pink and the blue beads and added a clear bead between them.  The first time the pattern worked out perfectly - finishing up exactly where I had started.  Not so lucky with this one so I just finished up with three clear beads.  Worked out fine!!


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