Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More paper!!

Paper sheets from yesterday afternoon and evening!! A total of 35 - 8.5"x 11" sheets!!
Using my large mould and deckle to make larger sheets is most efficient. The sheets can be easily trimmed into smaller pieces depending on the project I am working on.

I was using up some leftovers from previous batches to make these papers except for the second from the left. It is the oatmeal confetti paper to which I added some tea, grass and dark red rose petals. Paper on the left has a creamy white base pulp with flower petals (red and cream), leaves, tea and some peach confetti in it. Third from the left - a somewhat light gray pulp with tiny pink flowers in it - I think from my coral bells last year. On the right, I started with an off white pulp and added pink tissue paper until it coordinated with the carnation petals I had added earlier.
A good day's work - if you can call it work!! Watch for these to show up in my cards later in the year.


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  1. that looks like a great batch of hand made papers.


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