Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I am a papermaker and use recyclable paper to make handmade paper!! I made these sheets for a friend who gave me some petals the other day. They were from tulips, daffodils and a pink hyacinth!! Because the petals were somewhat large and I was making small sheets of paper I blended them a little before adding them to my vat. Used a light yellow pulp which set off the petals very nicely!! She was very happy with the sheets I gave her to use in her cardmaking!!
I would highly encourage all papercrafters to learn to make paper!! You can use any and all scraps of paper to make new sheets which reduces the waste from your crafting and gives you new paper to play with. It is a win-win.
If you really don't need to add another thing to your life then consider donating your scraps to someone who enjoys the papermaking process!
Thanks for checking out my blog and have a creative day!!
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