Friday, April 17, 2015

Art Quiltie - a butterfly for April

Just finished my butterfly art quiltie for our April swap!!

I started with a white on white piece of cotton (4" x 4") and added two layers of die cut fabric.  I cut the main butterfly (SX) from some bright fabric backed with heat & bond and the outline from white iron on muslin. The muslin was very bright in contrast to the fabric so I used watercolours (SU) to dye it  - blue, purple and pink.  I used a black sharpie to colour the body.  After removing the release paper from the back of the large butterfly I ironed it to the white fabric and then positioned the lacy wings and the body over it and ironed them into place.  Love how it worked out!! Next I added batting and layered both of them over a larger turquoise square of cotton.  I double folded the edge of the turquoise over the white and stitched it with a running stitch all the way around with white embroidery floss.  I outlined the butterfly with purple floss and added antenna with black floss.  To add texture to the white background I used scattered running stitches in white floss and added a few pearly seed beads as I went.  Finally, I added two turquoise sequins held in place using pearly seed beads.  Love the feel of the textured areas!!


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