Thursday, April 12, 2007

R - resist. I used white glossy paper and embossed the coffee cup with clear EP to which I applied brown memories ink. After it was all dry I wiped the ink from the EP and layered it onto another piece of glossy with the EP side down. I applied a hot iron from the top which melted the EP onto the new piece of glossy. I actually ironed it again several times onto tissue paper as well before all the EP was melted off the original glossy. I trimmed my R which was printed on transparency and layered it onto the glossy and attached it with 4 copper brads. Then layered onto brown cardstock which had been stamped with my Harlequin stamp in Brilliance "white frost" ink. I stamped coffee with my magnetic alphabet set with the same Brilliance ink.
S - Sewing (really should have read stitching) The S is printed on vellum. I added "stitching" with a marker all the way around. I captured the vellum under two layers of cardstock which had been pricked on the scallop edge as well as at the top to create some faux stitching by drawing with a marker between the holes. Nice to have a few different ways of attaching vellum!!
T - tranfer. I printed images with my laser printer onto white paper and then applied packing tape to make a transfer. The tape needs to be burnished very well and then it is just soaked to soften the paper which can easily be rubbed off. The transfer can then be glued to a new surface. A quick and easy transfer technique which easily adds depth to your creations!! The T was trimmed and attached with double sided tape under the black parts of the letter.

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