Thursday, December 13, 2007

This card features duplex cardstock. This one is navy on one side and white on the other!! I stamped the frame, added the greeting and then embossed the whole thing in glittery embossing powder.
I made my own mixture with clear embossing powder, some fine prisma glitter and a little Iridescent Ice (SU) embossing powder as well. I find that the glittery embossing powders have a lot of glitter in them and I prefer a higher percentage of embossing powder to glitter. I usually mix right on my catch sheet - 1/2 teaspoon or so depending on how much embossing I have to do. It does require that you find another container to put your mixture in if you have leftovers so you don't contaminate your original embossing powder. I sometimes mix my leftovers together and end up with some very interesting combinations. For some of the cards I mixed copper and gold with some gold tinsel embossing powder with great results!! So have some fun and mix yourself a few to see what you get!!
Back to the card. I layered the image onto a coordinating layer and then to accentuate the duplex paper I cut off half of the front to allow the inside colour to show. Glued my accent piece to the left hand piece on the front of the card. Another fast and easy card you can make with duplex cardstock!!

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