Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My art - cards, cards, cards - handmade paper

These cards feature some of my handmade paper and pressed botanicals! In this particular case the handmade paper features cedar bits and pieces of pressed ferns. The others included pressed calendulas, maple leaves and queen anne's lace with clover "hearts". The three leaf clovers grow here most anywhere as weeds but I thought they would be great for St. Patrick's Day cards. When I took several of them from the phone books - great flower presses - I had a few come apart and then I notice that the individual leaves were hearts!! How cool!! So I may use some of them in male looking cards for Valentine's!!
It is really fun to recycle your paper scraps into your very own handmade paper!! Scrapbookers can also consider this option using their acid free scraps to make paper for use in their scrapbooks!!

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