Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Art - May cardmaking - dragonfly

These were inspired by the card I made for my friend's birthday. I changed the format to landscape and added the dots instead of a greeting to make the card more versatile.

Check out the awesome dragoflies by clicking on the photo for a closer look!!

I learned that double sided tape is not a good option for the sewing machine if you are going to be using it a lot without checking on the needle!! It gums up the needle and it eventually refuses to work properly!! I am wondering if glue stick would have been a better option?? Maybe though I originally went with tape because I thought it would be better. Lesson learned!! I will bring a spare needle to class the next time so I we can have everyone take advantage of using it for adding some cool texture to their card!!

I see that I have been on a bit of an embossing kick!! Do love those for some quick texture to any card!!

Enjoy playing!!


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