Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Art - handmade paper

Taught a papermaking class and made paper with my friends last week!! I really enjoy the process and the end results of making paper!!

The top three include natural elements - flower petals, herbal tea and palm leaves/grass. I started with used white office bond paper that was headed for the recycle bin and added yellow paper for one batch (right) and orange for the other batch (middle). The paper on the left hand side was the leftovers of the two above batches.

The bottom three include hand made paper confetti!! The base pulp for these papers was SU cardstock scraps donated to me by my local SU demos (Catherine and Dorothy). It makes wonderful paper!! Used a mixture of colours so I could have enough to make a batch.

If you are a papercrafter I would certainly recommend that you turn your scraps into handmade paper!! It is fun and easy and requires very few tools. If papermaking is not your thing, try to find a local papermaker and donate your scraps!! It is the ultimate in recycling!!


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