Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bamboo tile pendant

Another project from my play date with Linda - a bamboo tile pendant. Our visit to the new dollar store yielded a black bamboo tile placemat which we disassembled and shared between us. Would have preferred a lighter colour so we could stamp on them but all they had was black, dark brown and medium brown.
We covered our bamboo tiles with colour printed images using Modge Podge and dug through all the beads on hand to find some that worked with our newly decorated tile. Attached our embroidery thread to the jump ring with a half hitch, threaded on our beads with the help of a dental floss threader and tied knots on the bottom to secure everything in place. We added a length of hemp long enough to go over our heads and we were done!!

Voila!! Handmade art to wear!! These could easily be created to coordinate with any outfit and make a great little gift you could customize for all of your friends for the holiday season!!



  1. this is so cool!

  2. very pretty. Love the image you licked to cover the tile.

    I suppose you could have put a couple coats of glazes to lighten the tile for stamping yet keep whatever grain or markings there are still visible.

  3. I suppose a bit of sanding might also change the colour enough that I could stamp on them. Will have to give that a try.

    Thanks for drooping by!


  4. Elle Kasban6:39 pm

    I am loving this! Can you make another one for me? lol Elle Kasban from aftcm


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