Saturday, May 28, 2011

All Occasion cards - butterfly

I love this butterfly!!! A recent acquisition created by Marianne Designs and sold at Ecstacy Crafts!!
I started by stamping a subtle background on my card and added a free form border with a fine tipped Sharpie marker. I added a layer of embossed metal tape which was trimmed with decorative scissors then layered on this beautiful butterfly using double sided tape only to its middle so its wings are free to flutter. To finish it off I added three little black punchies (1/4" circle punch) to the lower edge and a flight trail below the butterfly with the black marker!!
It can be difficult to cut a die with this intricate a pattern and get all the pieces to come out of the die when removing the die cut. I have found that using a layer of wax paper between the die and the cardstock really helps though it does not completely prevent having to pick some of bits out of the solid backed die!! But, it is so worth it!!
I applied the metal duct tape to some scrap cardstock which gave it some substance before I embossed it.


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  1. very nice. I haven't gotten that die yet...


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