Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Domino charms!

I am in a charm swap on AFTCM and this month we are using dominoes!! Unfortunately, the dominoes I have on hand are too large to make charms so I decided to use these little balsa wood rectangles (right hand photo) instead which are a much better size
- 5/8" x 1 1/4" or so. I chose papers to cover them then painted the ends to coordinate -white or black (middle). I used modge podge to attach my papers (right) which were all retrieved from my scrap box. After they were dry I embellished each one with a variety of items - dictionary text, confetti, hand drawing and copper foil. I did seal them with modge podge after adding the papers so they will stand up to the wear they will get when they are added to a bracelet. I have uploaded a photo of the front and the back of the charms.

I used a drill press with a small drill bit to make holes at the top for jump rings. The last photo is of them all finished and ready to go!!

These were fun to make and very different because the size is so small. Everyone is going to have a great bracelet by the end of the year!!!

The summer has arrived and I hope you will find some time to be creative, to relax and to spend time with your family and friends!!



  1. Wow these are great. I do a domino trade with a friend every month, try printing on tissue paper that has been taped to a piece of sturdy cardstock. Apply some modge to the domin cut the image out then apply the image. It looks so transparent. You can alcohol ink the domino first then apply the tissue but I guess that doesn't work here with these since they aren't dominoes with a slipper surface. just sharing some art stuff. nice to drop by.
    Have a crafty week.

  2. These are wonderful Therese! Reminds me of last summer!

  3. neat little charms. I'm sure everyone will be thrilled with them

  4. Anyone at aftcm would be delighted to receive one of your "domino" charms! I love the idea of substituting the wood pieced. Very clever! Elle

  5. What great looking altered domino's. I have never tried making them. Just seems to be out of my comfort zone. Thanks for showing


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