Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fragment Charms!!

More charms for a swap on AFTCM!! Our bracelets are going to be great!!
Fragment charms was the theme this month so I used these plexiglass shapes as my base. The little rectangular ones were clear - the larger ones were red!!
These were fun to create!!
From my collage box I chose little images and papers for each side of my charms. I used Dimensional Magic to glue the focal element to the back of the plastic shape so it would show through the front.
I glued the back paper/image to the back of the focal image so it would show at the back - a double sided charm. It was fun to cut out shapes and create small collages!!

You can see here the fronts of three charms on the left and the back of the same charms on the right.

I coated the sides and backs of the charms with Dimensional Magic to nicely seal in the images. How do you do that without holding them, you ask?? I attached the front of the charm to the top of a push pin using double sided tape. Planted the push pin into a strip of styrofoam which gave me something to hang on to while I was applying the finish. Worked like a charm!! You need to make sure the charm is level to prevent the finish from pooling but you don't get your fingers gummed up and they can stay there until they are completely dry!!
I drilled holes near the top edge for a jump ring and my charms were finished!! I have mine packaged and ready to go to my partner in the mail today!!



  1. These look really cool Therese!

  2. Wow quit talented you are great work...tfs

  3. Wonderful stuff!

  4. I've enjoyed looking at all your new projects Therese. So glad you are on the group. Great inspiration to all of us.

  5. love the charms

  6. These are absolutly fabulous! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  7. I just love your charms Therese, great job! Thanks for sharing.
    Sheila B

  8. Great Job Therese your charms look
    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Sheila B


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