Thursday, September 27, 2012

New craft space!!!

My new craft room - left & right!!!  I have been away for a month - visited with my sister for her vacation, visited with my daughter and her family - lots of time with my grandchildren and got a chance to spend some time with my son as well.  While I was away my DH has been working hard creating my new craft room from scratch!!  There's a only a few things left to be done so I took some time this morning to restructure my Gracious Living storage carts so they would all be the same height.  While I was at it I nipped the stops a bit on the bottom of the large drawers so they can be easily removed which allows access to the whole drawer!!  Been meaning to do that for a long time. We moved the whole bank of carts to under the window this afternoon and zipped them together with cable ties to make the whole thing very sturdy.  We hope to get the large shelving unit in there tomorrow morning which will leave the dresser and the file cabinet for the afternoon!!
The left hand side of my room will be used for storage but that does mean that I have to start sorting and culling before anything gets brought into my new space!!
I am blessed!!  I am hoping to be creating in there by the weekend!!

UPDATED - October 8, 2012
I have been crafting in my craft room - refurbishing cards for donating!  You can see them here and here!  It is soooo nice!!!  I took this photo this morning after clearning up my desk from the last few days.  You can see my bookcase on the left which needs to be filled, my bank of plastic carts, my wooden shelving and my file cabinet lined up against the outside walls.  My desk and the dresser are in the middle of the room and create a island.  I love having everything so handy!!  I am finding it so much easier to just put tools and supplies back in their homes!!
Needless to say the other side of the room is still suffering from clutter so I will have to update that later.


  1. Congratulations! What a lovely looking space. I like your tips re: the cart stops and the way you reconfigured the drawers to work best for you. I am going to go and give mine the eagle eye now and see if I can improve on them at all!

  2. It makes your "work" and play much easier when everything is organized and within sight and reach. Can't wait to see the finished studion....

  3. Anonymous8:27 am

    Can I borrow your husband for a month? LOL
    I love your new room. Your hubby did a great job.
    That is a man who is deeply in love with his wife.

  4. Oh Therese you lucky girl!!! Your studio is just fantastik. You sure will be creating now LOL

  5. I see you got a new art room too. Good idea about snipping the stops of the drawer. Will have to try that for my big bottom ones. I too put all my drawers at the same height, but left all of mine on wheels to roll to me when I need them. Of course my chairs roll all over the place too, sometimes more than I want... Have a great day and happy creating in your new room


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