Friday, February 08, 2013

Handmade paper - large sheets

In this week's papermaking class we made small embossed handmade paper sheets.  All well and good but a bit boring until you see them dry.  So I brought yellow, blue and teal paper napkin to add colour along with snippets of each colour so the sheets would have interest.  After class I combined the leftover pulps and created a few sheets of paper!  They are very light aqua colour and have confetti of all the different colours - yellow, blue and teal!!  Wonderful paper!
I added tissue paper snippets to the white pulp I had leftover and this also made very interesting paper.  I ran the leftovers from these flowers through the shredder, added them to a blender half full of water and blended it all just a bit.  Really love the subtle colours in this paper!!
I look forward to using these in my art projects!!


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