Friday, February 22, 2013

Metal embellishment for journal

Yesterday, we created our main decorative elements for our journals.  I made available to the students a wide variety of elements - die cuts ( butterflies, bees, trees, birds, etc) and chipboard letters along with a wide variety of punchies (stars, circles, butterflies, flowers, etc) along with some pieces of mesh (window screening).  They went through the elements, picked what they wanted and collaged them to a scrap piece of cardstock - 4 x 5.5.  These elements provide the texture for the embellishment so it doesn't matter what colour they are or what they are cut from.  After gluing everything in place we covered the surface in metal duct tape - two pieces with a seam down the middle.  As we applied the tape we took the time to rub all the areas of the piece to help reveal all the glued down elements.  Then, we used a dull pencil to follow the contour of each piece to highlight it and really start creating texture.  It was then time to add texture to all the flat areas by simply drawing with the pencil using some pressure to indent the metal tape.  We added lines, squiggles, shapes, cross hatching - just a lot of doodling and also impressed some areas of the mesh to create even more detailed texture within those areas.   You can see that I was able to add details to the bee by just outlining the different areas.  Once they were happy with all their doodling we covered the whole surface using a black permanent marker.  Then, we used a paper towel and some elbow grease to remove as much colour as we wanted from the surface.  The colour remains in the nooks and crannies of the piece to provide some great contrast and create some depth.  Lots of fun!!!  I die cut mine with the TH Ornamental die but some have chosen to keep the rectangle shape.
You can piece the metal tape for a more rustic and industrial look like I did when I created this frame.  You can use a variety of inks and paints for colouring the recesses and it doesn't have to be black - any colour will give you a really different look.


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