Sunday, April 28, 2013

Custom art folder

My youngest grand daughter is just beginning to enjoy painting and creating so I made her a custom art folder that holds 8.5 x 11 paper which she can create on and it can also be used to store her art.
I started with a large sheet of cardstock 12" x 18", scored it twice just a bit wider than the the 8.5" and used red fabric tape to bind the edges.  Fortunately, the tape will also protect the edges from wear and I really like the contrast between the red and blue.  I created the tie using punchies and brads and covered the tangs in the inside to protect the contents of the folder.  I tied on a cotton tie in red.  I die cut letters from ivory sticker paper and added her name!!  I am sure she will most enjoy her new folder and the process of creating some art!!  Kids are so uninhibited about creating - they just do it!  They don't have voices in their heads that tell them that they can't do it.  As adults, we often have to choose to ignore the voices and do it anyway.


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